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Thoughts on Streaming, Twitch, and the XBox One

Twitch + XBox One

I’ve struggled a bit with the whole streaming thing. I was into it big time when I was writing for a site, doing game reviews. Streaming was a necessity and I had a schtick pattern to go along with the way I wrote reviews. But since moving on from there, I’ve barely logged into my Twitch account. Recently, however, I've re-engaged, and I've done so for one main reason: posterity.

Xbox One Update To Make Some Functionality 50% Faster

Players can expect a “new level of speed and responsiveness,” according to Microsoft's Mike Ybarra.

Source: New Xbox One Update Will Make Some Functionality 50 Percent Faster – GameSpot

Dashboard lag is getting old… hope they're right!


The Forza 6 Demo Is Here, and Really Good!

Source: Forza Motorsport – The Forza 6 Demo Is Here!

From what's being said in our forums, the demo is really good!

What do you think?

Windows 10’s Xbox app updated to offer 1080p60 streaming – anyone notice a difference?

Source: Windows 10's Xbox app updated to officially offer Xbox One streaming at 1080p, 60 fps | Polygon

So, anyone notice a difference?


How to Stream Xbox One Games to a Windows 10 PC

How to Stream Xbox One Games to a Windows 10 PC.

Source: How to Stream Xbox One Games to a Windows 10 PC – IGN

Anyone try this yet?

August Xbox Live Games With Gold – What do you think?

Big Boss is on a rescue mission come August 1.

Source: August Xbox Live Games With Gold Takes Us To The Metro And Ground Zeroes – News –

What do you think of August's “Games with Gold?”

Microsoft Previews Xbox Live on Windows 10 – Will You Try It?

Xbox is a big part of Windows 10, and Microsoft has released a video detailing just how integral Microsoft's gaming platform is to its new operating system.

Source: Microsoft Runs Down Windows 10's Xbox Live Overlap – News –

Anyone else going to download and install it this week?

Do You Do Early Access?



Things are pretty crazy. I switched jobs last fall. And now my boss is leaving. And I'm moving. With all of that, and I suspect life is similar for most of us Casual Adult Gamers, it is always hard to find time to game. I have often wondered how in the world any adult gamer would find time to not only game, but also participate in something like Steam's Early Access. Much less find that time so worthwhile that it is worth some of the prices for Steam's Early Access games. It is a strange notion, and I wanted explore it a bit with the CAG readership. Am I the only one lukewarm on this concept, or have others found it a unique and rewarding experience?

“Xbox Record That!” : A Casual Gamer’s Ego Boost

Recording game clips with “Xbox Record That”‘ helps me to celebrate and share my small video game victories.  It's one of my favorite features of the Xbox One.

I am the very definition of a casual gamer.  I've got four kids, a full time job, and way too many hobbies to support with limited funds and time.  However, I love to play video games, and I really like multiplayer first-person-shooters.  The problem is, being the cover model for casual gaming doesn't get you very far on the leaderboard.  As a matter of fact, I'm usually at the bottom.

With my limited time, I've come to accept that I will never be the best Call of  Duty, Battlefield,  or Halo player.  I just don't have the time to play enough to be very competitive.  However, I still love to play despite my incredibly low kill/death ratio.  While it once bothered me that I'm often the worst player in the lobby, I've  learned to accept my casualness and celebrate the small victories such as headshoting the level 26 hunter from across the map in Destiny, or taking out 3 enemies and capping a domination point solo in Call of a Duty.  These moments are similar to the one  good shot on a bad day of golf that keep me hooked and keep me playing.

While those moments may be few and far between, I can save them forever with a quick command of “Xbox, Record That!”  Since getting an Xbox One a few months ago, I have really come to appreciate the game recording functionality.  I'm not really interested in recording anything for YouTube, but I do like capturing quick clips so celebrate when I do something particularly well in a game.  I can then share those clips to my activity feed, where my friends can comment or “like” the clip.  Using the Smartglass app on my Android phone or my iPad, I can watch my recorded clips as well.  After having  a round of bad games, it's often nice to revisit those clips to remember that while I'm usually well below mediocre on the online battlefield, I have had moments of greatness, and I've got the video to prove it.

How have you used game clips in your casual gaming?  Do you comment on videos that your friends share, or have you put together some awesome montages on your Xbox?  Leave a comment and let us know your tips.


How I just got 12 Months of XBOX Live Gold for $39!

CDKeys Fi

CDKeys FiAs all my XBOX friends know, I'm back on XBOX Live having just purchased 12 months of XBOX Live Gold.

After over a year's absence, I figured the time was right to join back up.

However, I had no desire to pay $60 for a year for the service, so I hit the internet to try and find a deal.

But the only place I could find a deal at was a site I never heard of before,

But the 40% discount was just to appealing to turn down, so I took the plunge! I'm happy to say everything worked perfectly, and I now have 12 months of service for my 360 and XBO 🙂

Now, you might notice the price I said I paid was $39, but the prices listed on the site are $41. Well, you get an additional discount it you like their Facebook page, and I couldn't see a reason not to and it worked! 🙂

PS – In retrospect, the 12+1 deal might be a little better :-/

Well, until next time – Game On!