Dev Explains Why The Taken King Is Worth $40 – What do you think?

Bungie has laid out why the next expansion costs two times as much as the last one.

Source: Destiny Dev Explains Why The Taken King Is Worth $40 – GameSpot

Destiny Gamers – What do you think?

4 Responses to Dev Explains Why The Taken King Is Worth $40 – What do you think?

  1. Greylock3491 says:

    Me? I’m still not seeing that it contains 2/3 of the original game? We need details about the number of SP missions, and I think it confuses the issue when the lump in all the free additions to justify TTK’s $40 price…

    What do you think?

    • dbqhams says:

      I don’t know if it worth your $40 @Greylock3491 if you are feeling burned out by the end game grind. If you are still enjoying it like @Bobbo then it’s a good value for the length you’ll get. I think if the revamped story and questification that Luke Smith has talked about runs through all the old content… then many people will enjoy it old players and discouraged players.

      I think for anyone who felt slighted by the expensive first round of overpriced DLC, then I’d encourage you to wait. The community may drag you in eventually, but then you’ll also know how much content there really is.

      The people in the best position are those that either turned away or never dove into the DLC. The retail copy of everything for $60 (or less on holiday sales) is a great value.

  2. osiris prime says:

    Hmmmm…..From what I’ve read in this article and others it does seem worth $40, with the new multiplayer (co-op and competitive) stuff (maps and modes), overhauling  leveling, new weapons/gear and supposedly a more coherent story (I’m sure I’m missing some things).  BUT I can’t shake the feeling that this is becoming the game it should have been in the first place.  It’s kind of like how Titanfall started off kind of stripped down and then eventually it has become more fleshed out (for free I might add).  I think if your are only into one or two sections of the game it might not be worth it, Grey, I know you are not into the competitive (Crucible/Iron Banner) aspects so it might not seem like the bang for your buck buy.  I’ll probably pick it up eventually maybe if it’s in some kind of bundle with the other DLC (I only have the base game right now).  I’m more into the Crucible/Iron Banner with the Story and strikes a secondary second (still haven’t done the raid yet but I did just recently reach lvl 28).

  3. mr bobbo 421 says:

    I think for anyone who didn’t invest in the first two DLC’s, like DB, it’s a great value … and for everybody else it’s a bit steep.
    The first DLC priced at $20 was steep, and set a terrible precedent … this expansion offers more than twice the content at twice the price, and while I don’t like it, I understand it.
    Bungie/Activision should take a note from Steam’s playbook on this and keep the price low so the volume they sell is higher … but maybe that’s the hook ?  Maybe they’ve sold SO MANY DLC’s at the $20 mark that it doesn’t matter, they know they’ll sell a BOAT LOAD of Taken King expansions to people like me who want to keep playing at current level.
    The price tag is one of the reasons I’m only getting this DLC on my XB1 … when both systems (XB1 and PS4) benefitted from the two previous DLC’s … I just can’t stomach $80 for some DLC.
    I think had the first two DLC’s been priced at $10, and now this one was $20, it wouldn’t even be an issue.  Maybe we’ve all just been gaming long enough that a $20 DLC seems outrageous ?  Am I just wrong in remembering the standard price being around $5 in the 360 days ?

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