Phil Spencer for President

phil spencer at the geekwire summit 2015

I am still trying to figure out why this guy is not running in the presidential race. Maybe in 2020. Until then, he continues to say the things that it would seem most gamers would want to hear. In a recent interview, Spencer, head of all things XBox for Microsoft, candidly discussed how much he had learned in his 18 month tenure. He openly talked about the significant lead that Sony's PlayStation 4 has on his XBox One in install base. His new focus in the face of a withering opposition? To focus inwardly. Spencer says that he will be talking less about what Sony is doing and more about his own products and teams. Taking the high road so to speak. And if the tables turn and he is back on top one day? Spencer says that he'll hold the same line. He'll continue focusing his discussions on his products and his teams.  At a minimum, this line is likely to maintain or increase the loyalty of his own employees. Having a leader that stands behind you and gives you the opportunity to innovate and do what gamers want you to do; it's tough to find any fault with that formula.

4 Responses to Phil Spencer for President

  1. Greylock3491 says:

    Yeah, definitely seems like the right guy to run Xbox post the bad launch.

    I hope he gets his wish for a faster dash – the old one is getting dog slow old

  2. osiris prime says:

    He is way better then Matrick but I wish he hadn’t killed the Kinect.

  3. Greylock3491 says:

    He is way better then Matrick but I wish he hadn’t killed the Kinect.

    You know, I’ve only been using the voice controls and wonder why they wouldn’t just release a mic to allow everyone to use them?

  4. You would think with cortana coming to XBO that they would have something like that in the works.

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