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Product Experience Review – Upgrading the PS4’s Hard Drive

ps4 overview

This is a bit of a lessons learned. I’ll be honest and open and also say that this post will express a bit of dissatisfaction with a few things, too. At the end of the day, I have successfully upgraded my PS4’s hard drive to a 1TB Samsung Spinpoint SATA 5400 RPM drive, and I’m happy. It is just that the road getting there could use a couple of roadcrews to patch up some potholes.

Now it is likely that the most dedicated PlayStation fans have already hit these speedbumps and may think they are small cruft. And overall they are. But it’s worth a warning to those who have not upgraded yet. Some of this will express some areas where Sony could improve; but it’s not like I am saying I am leaving the PlayStation and never coming back and telling people not to buy one. It’s just a “Watch Out!” kind of thing.