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Thoughts on Streaming, Twitch, and the XBox One

Twitch + XBox One

I’ve struggled a bit with the whole streaming thing. I was into it big time when I was writing for a site, doing game reviews. Streaming was a necessity and I had a schtick pattern to go along with the way I wrote reviews. But since moving on from there, I’ve barely logged into my Twitch account. Recently, however, I've re-engaged, and I've done so for one main reason: posterity.

Bungie releases teaser for Destiny’s Year Two improvements ahead of today’s Twitch stream

Destiny is getting a major overhaul with the release of its upcoming expansion, The Taken King, sweeping changes that Bungie is referring to as year two.

Source: Bungie's teaser for Destiny: The Taken King shows off Year Two's big improvements | Polygon


So, anyone watching the live stream today?

Note: Teaser is below