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Thoughts on Streaming, Twitch, and the XBox One

Twitch + XBox One

I’ve struggled a bit with the whole streaming thing. I was into it big time when I was writing for a site, doing game reviews. Streaming was a necessity and I had a schtick pattern to go along with the way I wrote reviews. But since moving on from there, I’ve barely logged into my Twitch account. Recently, however, I've re-engaged, and I've done so for one main reason: posterity.

Flashback Friday: CAGFest 2009!

CAGFest 2009

In today's Flashback Friday we're highlighting the oldest video on our CAG YouTube Channel which is from CAGFest 2009, our very first meetup and LanParty!

Please feel free to post your own “flashbacks” in our new forums, or comment on this Flashback below,

Until next time, Game on!