The Forza 6 Demo Is Here, and Really Good!

Source: Forza Motorsport – The Forza 6 Demo Is Here!

From what's being said in our forums, the demo is really good!

What do you think?

6 Responses to The Forza 6 Demo Is Here, and Really Good!

  1. soloracerx says:

    Really… Amazing!
    I have not been this excited over a Forza game since the release of Forza 3. Turn 10 has finally given racers the things we have been begging for. Night racing, and weather. 
    I suggest to all, download the demo, fall in love with it, then buy it on day one and join Grey and I for some good old fashion Forza, CAG style!

  2. mr bobbo 421 says:

    Solo – if you’re not getting paid by Turn 10, well, you really should … you’re endorsement of “not this excited since Forza 3” speaks volumes.
    We played the snot out of Forza 3 and 4 !!
    *I’m looking forward to the Indy Cars 

  3. soloracerx says:

    I wish! But it’s true, it’s taken them two games to remember what made the game good, but they figured it out…lol.

  4. Now if they would only separate the simulation damage from tire wear and fuel.

  5. soloracerx says:

    Awe… they kept that! I guess we can’t have it all. 
    However, they did give us weather and night, along with Daytona… Do you feel a 24min. of Daytona, do ya?

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