“Xbox Record That!” : A Casual Gamer’s Ego Boost

Recording game clips with “Xbox Record That”‘ helps me to celebrate and share my small video game victories.  It's one of my favorite features of the Xbox One.

I am the very definition of a casual gamer.  I've got four kids, a full time job, and way too many hobbies to support with limited funds and time.  However, I love to play video games, and I really like multiplayer first-person-shooters.  The problem is, being the cover model for casual gaming doesn't get you very far on the leaderboard.  As a matter of fact, I'm usually at the bottom.

With my limited time, I've come to accept that I will never be the best Call of  Duty, Battlefield,  or Halo player.  I just don't have the time to play enough to be very competitive.  However, I still love to play despite my incredibly low kill/death ratio.  While it once bothered me that I'm often the worst player in the lobby, I've  learned to accept my casualness and celebrate the small victories such as headshoting the level 26 hunter from across the map in Destiny, or taking out 3 enemies and capping a domination point solo in Call of a Duty.  These moments are similar to the one  good shot on a bad day of golf that keep me hooked and keep me playing.

While those moments may be few and far between, I can save them forever with a quick command of “Xbox, Record That!”  Since getting an Xbox One a few months ago, I have really come to appreciate the game recording functionality.  I'm not really interested in recording anything for YouTube, but I do like capturing quick clips so celebrate when I do something particularly well in a game.  I can then share those clips to my activity feed, where my friends can comment or “like” the clip.  Using the Smartglass app on my Android phone or my iPad, I can watch my recorded clips as well.  After having  a round of bad games, it's often nice to revisit those clips to remember that while I'm usually well below mediocre on the online battlefield, I have had moments of greatness, and I've got the video to prove it.

How have you used game clips in your casual gaming?  Do you comment on videos that your friends share, or have you put together some awesome montages on your Xbox?  Leave a comment and let us know your tips.


7 Responses to “Xbox Record That!” : A Casual Gamer’s Ego Boost

  1. Greylock3491 says:

    Great article World!

    I can relate to it on many levels 🙂

    I also love using the “record that” feature but have only “liked” others videos as I don’t have a kb acc and my iPad never seems to be near by 😉


    • worldvoyageur says:

      With the soon to be released October update, I believe it will be easier for Xbox One gamers who don’t have a Kinect to record a video. Supposedly you can double-tap the center logo button to bring up a quick menu.

      • osiris prime says:

        Yes, that feature will in the October update. I’m in the preview program and it’s on there. I usually use the Kinect but it’s a nice feature to have in case my wife is in the room. It usually scares the crap out of her when i say Record That so I just use the controller shortcut now, lol. It took me a while to get used to because when you double tap the Xbox button you get 4 choices and you press up, down, left or right to choose one but I was thinking you would press the direction then press a button to select it but when you press the direction you want it automatically chooses it for you.

        I love the DVR feature, I think it’s one of the best features of the new consoles. So many times something happened and I wished I could record it, didn’t have a great PC to do a game capture with. I can’t wait until the open world games come out and they usually have bugs that now people can capture with the DVR function.

  2. BucFan4055 says:

    Great article! I love the “record that” feature. It provides for a fantastic memory of a gaming experience. Now if I had more time to do some fancy editing with them.

  3. MrTanelorn says:

    Great article! That sounds like a nice feature.

  4. soloracerx says:

    I am excited to see this feature. There is a similar feature on the PS4, which is a great way to load up and edit your videos for your friends. I can’t wait to do the same on my One. Thanks for the write up, great article!

  5. worldvoyageur says:

    I’ve been recording clips while playing with other CAG members. I hope to post some awesome videos here soon.

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